Delicious Vegetarian Specialties

North India Restaurant and Bar

123 2nd Street
San Francisco, CA 94105
Telephone: +1-415-348-1234

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Whether you desire an elegant, intimate meal with your soul mate or you wanna wow the whole family, we can help!

Add a little bangara rhythm to your party and leave us to handle the details!

Imagine a sunny afternoon with some light and crunchy Pakora, some expertly grilled tandoori breads and a big gulp of fresh mango lassi! What's there not to love when we give you the exclusivity to choose?

With an elegant setting like ours, there's no denying that your party will be a success!

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Size matters! And that's why we bring out the big guns to satisfy you and your guests! Whether its a crowd of 30 or 300, you know it's time for curry! Submit the form below for to an incredible Indian experience!

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